Amoura Carter Returns to Excitement of Charlotte

Amoura Carter has returned to Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States, her birthplace and chosen place for a teaching career. Carter now has a chance to reacquaint herself with the excitement of Charlotte, including the Carolina Panthers of the NFL, the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA, the Charlotte Independence in the United Soccer League, the NASCAR Sprint Cup, All-Star Race and the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Wells Fargo Championship, Charlotte Ballet and the United States National Whitewater Center. East of the Catawba River and southeast of the largest man-made lake in the state, Lake Norman, Charlotte enjoys the humid subtropical climate which results from the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico which navigates up the eastern seaboard, as well as a surprising amount of clear and sunny days. Charlotte has four distinct seasons, displaying the beautiful plumage of spring and summer as well as the rich colors of fall and the healing power of cold and snow.

Amoura Carter has long dreamed of returning to Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States. Familiar with the highways and byways of her native city, Carter has grown accustomed to Charlotte as a transportation hub accessible via highway, rail and air. Charlotte has neighborhoods which surround the central city, 199 in all: Biddleville, the historic center of the African-American population, Plaza-Midwood with its diverse population of Eastern Europeans, Greeks and Hispanics, Sugar Creek with Asian-Americans, NoDa, a center for the arts, and the neighborhoods of Myers Park, Dilworth and Eastover which contain old Charlotte’s most historic homes on leafy boulevards.,_North_Carolina

Amoura Carter - A Few Reasons to Buy  an Adult Coloring Book

Amoura Carter is a dedicated educator of young minds who believes that teaching is one of the most important jobs a person can hold. She is currently teaching English at Garinger High School in North Carolina. One of her favorite ways to relax during her spare time is by completing adult coloring books. Here are some benefits to using such tools.

Amoura Carter

Using an adult coloring book can be a great way to release stress and unwind. Adult coloring books are immensely more complex than the books you had as a child, and it forces the mind to focus on the task at hand, rather than all of the daily responsibilities adults are tasked with constantly. You can also buy books with specific shapes or patterns that are meant to relax the mind even further.

Coloring actually uses both sides of the brain, and can be a nice exercise. When you start using adult coloring books, you’ll notice the results fairly quickly. You use the logic side of your brain when you develop specific color patterns and schemes for a section of the book, and when you mix and match those colors, you use the creative side in order to make the patter more appealing to the eyes.

Using adult coloring books also allows you to relive your childhood. Coloring brings a sense of nostalgia as you remember coloring as a child, and it will make you feel happy to do something you still enjoy as an adult, just as much as you did as a child.

Amoura Carter enjoys using coloring books to unwind, exercise her brain, and relive a childhood activity.

Amoura Carter - Things to Keep in Mind as a Writer

Amoura Carter is a current high school English teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she is eager to start the new school year. In addition to teaching English, she also writes short stories in her spare time in order to hone her skills at the activity she loves. Here are some useful things to keep in mind as a writer.

Amoura Carter

When you’re writing a story, of any size, you need to edit and revise your work constantly. Although this can get extremely tedious, it is essential to the writing process, and you’ll be glad you did it once the final copy is completed. No writer can write the perfect story in one sitting, and some days you’re in a better mood to write than others; make sure you take the time to go back over your work so that you don’t regret it later.

Be as descriptive as possible. The best stories are the ones that show the reader rather than tell the reader. Make sure you really work on creating a scene for the readers’ imaginations as you unfold the plot because no one wants to be told an entire story from the narrator’s perspective. This doesn’t mean that every sentence needs to be packed with adjectives, it just means that showing is better than telling.

Practice every day. Writing should be treated like any other job you’d hold as a professional; if you want to get better, you have to do it every day in order to see the results you want on the page.

Amoura Carter works at being a writer as often as she can.

Amoura Carter -  Useful Tips for People Buying their First Home

Amoura Carter is a dedicated individual currently teaching students English at Garinger High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She believes in the work she does for her students, and she is proud to help them on their way to bigger and better things. She recently bought her first home, which can be a daunting task. Here are some useful tips for first-time home buyers.

Amoura Carter

Make sure you check all the appliances in the house before you make a decision. This is something that a lot of home buyers forget to do as they look for the right home. You need to make sure that all things in the house are in working in order so that you don’t get stuck once it’s too late to change your mind.

When you buy a home for the first time, you will usually have to apply for a mortgage, which means you need to get all the necessary paperwork ready before you do so. This means keeping your income and tax documents in an organized manner so that they are ready for review. Keep all your pay stubs, W-2’s, tax returns, and bank statements in order before you apply for the mortgage on your new home.

Check the area around the home you’re thinking of purchasing. A home is a major purchase, and you want to make sure everything is right, including the location itself. As you probably won’t be moving anytime soon after the purchase, check the area for all the essentials.

Amoura Carter recently bought a town home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she is excited about the future.

Amoura Carter-Teaching Tips for Educators of All Ages

Amoura Carter is a talented and determined educator who is about to be a new English teacher for Garinger High School. She understands what it takes to prepare students for the next levels of education, and she is confident she can help them on their paths. Here are some useful teaching tips for educators of all ages and grade levels. 

In order to be a successful teacher, you need to teach with a calm, yet demanding demeanor. This doesn’t mean you have to be strict, but you are in charge of your classroom, and the students need to understand this. If you have control of your class, you will be able to teach your students calmly, which promotes a healthy learning environment for the students themselves. Show your students that learning is the number one priority. 

Allow time for in class work. Many teachers get caught up teaching the lessons of the day that they don’t leave enough time for practice in the classroom. This can pose a challenge for the students as they struggle to do their homework with the aid of a teacher nearby. Make sure you are assigning in class work so that the students have the time to ask questions and understand the material more easily. 

Prepare your lessons ahead of time in order to stay on track. Many seasoned teachers make the mistake of not taking the time to adequately plan out lessons; this can pose a problem when students ask important questions during class about the material. 

Amoura Carter understands the pressure put on teachers, no matter the grade level they teach. 

Amoura Carter - On Helping Students

Amoura Carter, as a language arts teacher in Charlotte at Ashley Park K-8, learned how to reach her students as best she can. Soon to begin teaching at Garinger High School, she understands that there will always be those in her classrooms that are difficult to teach for one reason or another. Some students are resistant to teachers or act out because of issues at home or any number of things that can affect a child’s mind. Carter does her best to help her students understand the valuable lessons about literature and life that she is attempting to teach them. Carter has experience teaching middle school and younger students and she knows how many different age groups react to her teaching style.

Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter is always adjusting her teaching style to fit the room she is in. She wants to impart to her students the importance of every lesson she teaches, and if she has to sit down with a few students individually to do so, so be it. What Amoura Carter has learned above all else is that children are more perceptive and can do more than most adults give them credit for. She has seen some of her students do amazing things at a young age and she see small moments of maturity and unusual perceptiveness from them all the time. Carter finds that being honest and as real as possible with kids is usually the best policy. Nothing will cause a seventh grader to shut down in class quicker than the teacher talking down or above him or her.

Amoura Carter has learned many lessons since becoming a full-time teacher.

Amoura Carter - Three Keys to Good Writing

Amoura Carter wrote articles for many different publications over the years. After graduating with a degree in English from Davidson College, Carter moved to China, where she worked for a Chinese magazine and taught English language classes. She has since returned to her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lived until she was six years old, to teach language arts at Ashley Park K-8. Soon to teach at Garinger High School, she continues to write and her articles have appeared on and elsewhere. Here are three lessons she learned about how to produce good writing over the years:

Amoura Carter

  • Revise and edit endlessly. No matter how good you think a draft is, it can always be better. Amoura Carter puts her articles and short stories through several revisions and rewrites before she calls it good enough to publish.
  • Use adjectives sparingly. Sometimes the best word for a description is an adjective, but mostly, especially in fiction, the qualities of an action, person, place, or anything is with a verb or noun. Amoura Carter had to work hard to eliminate as many adjectives as possible from her writing to cut down on the clutter around what she is really getting at.
  • Writing is a job. In order to produce good writing consistently, you have to practice it every day. If you approach your writing as you would a project for your job, you’ll see better results on the page.

Amoura Carter has produced articles and stories for herself and others over the years, using her training she received at Davidson.

Amoura Carter - Three Tips for Decorating a New Home

Amoura Carter is a language arts teacher living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. She recently taught at Ashley Park K-8 and loved both her students and coworkers. Soon to begin teaching at Garinger High School, she recently bought a new home in Charlotte, where she was born. She moved from Charlotte to Stone Mountain, Georgia when she was in the first grade and returned after going to college and spending a year working in China. At her new home in her hometown, she is working on decorating her place for the first time. She has learned much about decorating a brand new house in the meantime, including these three tips:

Amoura Carter

Clean up the old place. As Amoura Carter knows, moving is a great chance to start over. Get rid of all the junk and things that you no longer need so you don’t have to pack them and decorate around them in your new place. This will allow you to design a completely new space at your new home.

Decorate the bedroom first. Amoura Carter was reminded that she will spend about a third of her time at home in the bedroom, after all. Don’t skimp on new bedding, complete with the best thread counts you can afford. If you have room in your budget, paint the bed room and add flashy and stylish accessories like matching window treatments.

Don’t buy all of your decorating supplies at once. Buying everything at once is a great way to spend your decorating budget on things you don’t need. Wait until you start putting things together and planning before you make any purchasing decisions.

Amoura Carter loves to decorate and plan interior looks and designs.

Amoura Carter - Three Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Adult Coloring Books

Amoura Carter was recently a language arts teacher at Ashley Park K-8 in Charlotte, North Carolina, but begins a new teaching position at Garinger High School this fall. As a lifelong learner committed to teaching her students not only the subject material she is tasked with, but also how to stay hungry for knowledge and driven to expand your mind, she is always looking for more ways to exercise her brain while still relieving the stress from a day of teaching. Carter bought her first adult coloring book some time ago and has sworn by its effects on her stress levels and brain power. Here are three reasons why she recommends them to everyone who will listen to her:

  •      A de-stressor. Carl Jung was the first to discover that coloring exercises for adults can be a great de-stressor. He studied the coloring of Mandalas, designs with circles and geometric patterns, and found that his patients lowered their stress levels consistently.
  •      Coloring uses both sides of the brain. Amoura Carter has personally felt the effects of the use of both hemispheres of the brain to color—we use logic when we pick up a certain color for a certain area, and when we mix and match colors, we’re using the creative side of the brain.
  •      Relive a part of your childhood. Amoura Carter loves to be transported back to a simpler time in her life when coloring was an expressive and regular activity she did when she was a child.

   Amoura Carter

Amoura Carter loves to spend time coloring whenever she can. She has opened her mind to many new possibilities as a result and has realized the benefits in many aspects of her life.